lodown (d)

annual art edition — value


Value is an abstract theme and postulate put on the cover. Value can be anything to anybody. It can be just so precious, spiritually or materialistically. It defines the artist and the art or the market to the buyer. But does have art itself have a value? You are sure it certainly has? If you just look at the art market derived from the capitalistic system. Art values are traded with optioning on the profit. But why does an über-rational system speculate and trade irrational outcomes of the individual. It is indeed a paradox. A conclusion of this is an impossible task but empirical proven is that there will be always value in the new. Let us believe creativity is the source of all change and let art be the forefront of spiritual evolution. enjoy this visual interruption.
Oversized poster format: 400 x 280 mm, 100 pages + 12 pages appendix booklet, 520g, individually shrinkwrapped.


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