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KALEIDOSCOPE‘s new issue #34 (spring/summer 2019), launching in Venice during the opening days of the Biennale and shortly after in Paris, for the first edition of KALEIDOSCOPE Manifesto at Lafayette Anticipations.

This issue, which marks the tenth anniversary of KALEIDOSCOPE, comes with a set of four collectible covers:

A photograph by Ari Marcopolous introduces an extensive monographic File—comprising essays by Michael Veal and Andrea Lissoni—dedicated to Berlin-based artist CYPRIEN GAILLARD. In his newest film, and across much of his work, the French artist looks at the realities taking place below ground—an excavation of lost and submerged histories providing a moving meditation on life as transformation.

Rooted in the atmosphere of underground innovation that permeated London in the 1990s, MARTINE ROSE has pioneered a new, off-balance sense of proportion in menswear which exudes fun and authenticity. In this cover story photographed by Pascal Gambarte and modeled by Rose’s closest friends and family, Francesca Gavin follows the designer’s subcultural cues to unpack her tomboyish attitude and unrestricted definition of sexy.

A 30+ page editorial shot in Coachella Valley by Nick Sethi introduces the theme survey DUNES, exploring how contemporary artists and thinkers continue to draw inspiration from the imaginary and aesthetics of the desert, all the while addressing topics such as climate change, migration, and futurism. In this multi-disciplinary report, spanning from architecture to science fiction, the barren landscape of the desert steps out of the geographical atlas to become a metaphor for our contemporary condition, the crisis of global capitalism, and the end of history. Featuring interviews with artists Richard Mosse (by Forensic Architecture) and Katja Novitskova (by Adriana Blidaru) and a round table with Josh Kline, Sophia Al-Maria and Shumon Basar (moderated by Myriam Ben Salah).

In this exclusive interview from 2014 by Hans Ulrich Obrist and Patrick Frey, the late H.R. GIGER reminisces how his work progressively shifted from abstract to figurative, from organic to apparatus—culminating in his concept design for Alien, which catapulted to fame his daunting vision on death, futurism and the apotheosis of the woman.

Additionally, a limited-edition cover and a flexi disc with an exclusive track enrich the story dedicated to AMNESIA SCANNER. Associated with labels such as “deconstructed club” or “apocalyptic sound,” the Berlin-based electronic music duo chat with New Models about distortion, algorithms, and the cybernetic loops between ideas and their market base.

Specially commissioned contributions by artists and creators, this issue’s VISTAS also include: Franklin Melendez looking at the ambiguous work of Berlin-based photographer HEJI SHIN, arguing that trolling and controversy complete the work conceptually; chef ANGELA DIMAYUGA in conversation with artist Meriem Bennani about creative liberation, her newly opened queer bar at The Standard in New York, and the magic you can only receive from the shared experience; Zurich-based artist TOBIAS SPICHTIG telling Daniel Baumann about the inherent theatricality of his installations—claustrophobic scenarios where the viewer feels like an intruder; and Greek-Italian artist JANNIS KOUNELLIS, in a revelatory conversation with Germano Celantpublished on the occasion of his upcoming posthumous retrospective.

SEASON, the magazine’s opening section, accounts for the best of this spring/summer with profiles and interviews: HO99O9 by Katja Horvat; Geumhyung Jeong by Francesca Gavin; Bret Easton Ellis by Alissa Bennett; Misha Kahn by Luis Ortega Govela; Jeremy O. Harris by Darol Olu Kae; Charlotte Prodger by Alex Bennett; Innen Zines by Katja Horvat; Lee Gamble by Federico Sargentone; Precious Okoyomon by Harry Burke; Bendt Eyckermans by Jeppe Ugelvig; Lee Scratch Perryby Invernomuto; Chen Zhou by Robin Peckham; Thomas Houseago by Muna El Fituri; Victor Vasarely by Christopher Schreck; Simon Dennyby Penny Rafferty; Total Luxury Spa by Justen Leroy; Gretchen Benderby Lola Kramer; Roy DeCarava by Francesca Gavin; Ottolinger by Anastasiia Fedorova; Alvaro Barrington by Christopher Schreck.

The New Techno-Utopias, a think piece by Alice Bucknell, closes the issue with a tale on artificial islands, escapism and billionaire Bitcoin bros.

KALEIDOSCOPE’s Spring/Summer issue comes with “YUNG PALM,” a special supplement created by Harmony Korine in partnership with Gucci.


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