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Simply, pure sexiness: Extra Extra n°13 is in full swing, for the dashing glares to glow on your gut feelings, we are hungry for the lovely sensuality-makers around us

Unspeakable hours of summer linger serenely as Timen Jan Veenstra, Mia You, Mensje van Keulen, Karin Amatmoekrim, Sarah Arnolds, Thomas Heerma van Voss, Hannah van Binsbergen present erotic short stories on the hotel

If life hands you watermelons, make love to them, caress the darker side of lust in an emotionally close talk between Taiwanese filmmaker Tsai Ming-liang and Manuel Betancourt

Enter the beautiful imagination, dreams and wonders of dancer and choreographer Meg Stuart who, in an intimate conversation with Susan Gibb, shares on bodies daring to embrace unknown forces

Follow the rhythm of brega musicians and dancers of frevo in Recife through the lens of brilliant artist-duo Bárbara Wagner & Benjamin de Burca in a talk on empathy and urban desires with Matteo Lucchetti

Critical thinker Armen Avanessian never lost touch with his long-time friend Anja Aronowsky Cronberg; they meet in Berlin to share glimpses of friendships and explore intimacy as a valid alternative to love

Blocks of foam, look, latex photo-booths, feel, colorful wooden walls, smell, listen to Parasite 2.0’s words with Nick Axel on the cruelty of modern sensuality

Turn your taste buds upside down discovering the Extra Reading by Fiep van Bodegom and Extra Extra friends, a selection of redolent recipes, literature on sex, delectations, and appetite for life. Eat it all now, you know we talk with a mouth full of aphrodisiacs.

Yes, exist through more than one soul, philosopher Justin E.H. Smith transports you to the Vessel of Others in the Tentacular Thinking essay

Hey sugar, it’s coming smooth, with hard decibels, find Nadine Botha’s Some Thoughts on Sweet Nothings, and Jennifer Boyd’s Extra Extra Musings on Ocular Offal and Chromatic Cannibals

Sole of a shoe, cigarette butt, knee crease, evil eye necklace, hickey on legs, zipper versus hairy torsos, find the sensual photography lexicon of Thibaut Henz, more than language: it’s a neck to the sky; behind squared rocks and melting baroque, discover a new kind of nude with Stuart Ringholt; hard-on for the daring and vibrant depiction of sensuality in the drawings of Soufiane Ababri

Explore the inside and outside of bars and literary fevers in Tangiers URBEX by Abdelkader Benali who shares memories on meeting writer Paul Bowles until the movement of a takchitas dress’ folds

192 pgs, 24 × 17 cm, Softcover, 2019,


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