Dazed (uk)

A State of Independence

Autumn 2020 Issue: Read up Act Up issue

Now we know what the world looks like when it shuts down, what will the future be? Fronted by a series of text-led covers, this autumn issue replaces cover stars with conversation, celebrating the power of words to inspire, inform and reimagine the world anew. We invite six essential figures leading the fight for progressive change to guest-edit their own section. Bringing together a multitude of voices, their stories tackle the issues that matter most right now, from the ongoing fight for prison abolition to racial injustice and the future of creative protest. Black Lives Matter International ambassador Janaya Future Khan guides us through the explosive growth of the movement and its future trajectory; Wide Awakes, an activist group with its roots in the 19th-century anti-slavery movement, reboot creative protest for 2020; rapper and abolitionist Noname invites incarcerated artists and thinkers to imagine a world without prisons; Grace Wales Bonner talks Black rhythmicality for the launch of her new digital project Between Critique and Hope; Shayne Oliver and friends unveil a radical manifesto for new residency and community hub Anonymous Club; and Samuel Ross uses his inspiring grant initiative as a springboard for a survey of Black entrepreneurs across the UK. THE COVERS JANAYA FUTURE KHAN: The Black Lives Matter ambassador presents their expansive roadmap for the future, including a discussion between BLM activists past and present, a tribute to US statesman John Lewis and more in a special cover designed by Harsh Patel NONAME: The Chicago rapper dreams of another world in a collaged cover created by artist Jazz Grant; inside, she links up with incarcer-ated people across the US for a powerful meditation on the meaning of abolition WIDE AWAKES: Resurrecting the spirit of a protest movement that changed the course of politics in America, Wide Awakes light the way for the future of protest, with an inspiring cover designed by artist Hank Willis Thomas GRACE WALES BONNER: For the launch of her new digital educational platform, Between Critique and Hope, the London designer dives deep on the theme of Black rhythmicality, in conversation with poet Petero Kalulé ANONYMOUS CLUB: The school mutated out of what Hood By Air started, Shayne Oliver’s Anonymous Club presents a new manifesto for cultural creators SAMUEL ROSS: Following his launch of a series of cross-platform grants, the designer presents a special digital cover exploring Black British futures, featuring David Lammy, Munroe Bergdorf, Rhea Dillon and more THE FEATURES THE CURRICULUM: Meet the youth activists, educators and MPs calling for a new history curriculum that confronts the UK’s imperial past – plus, a patriarchal punch-up from comic writer Bobby Joseph CONFUSED NEWS: As lockdown madness grips, writers Steve Beale, Sulagna Misra and Nadia Isle step through the looking glass of our new, weird reality STUART HALL LIBRARY + INIVA: Exploring the treasure trove of the radical arts institution’s archive – plus new work from contemporary artists inspired by the cultural theorist’s legacy HEAVEN IS A PLACE ON EARTH: Tourmaline – the filmmaker behind Happy Birthday, Marsha! and the MoMA-acquired Salacia – lenses her creative NYC family LOCKDOWN REVELATIONS: Connected by the six degrees of separation, six graphic artists and creatives dream up new possibilities forpost-lockdown life BLACKMASS PUBLISHING: Presenting printed ephemera from a “Black epic” of the imagination, the indie NY publishers reveal the improvisa- tory spirit that binds their works


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