by lodown (d)

2020 — paradise

- SYD SHELTON... in late 70s England, Shelton was a key-activist in the RAR movement, not only as a photographer and visionary, but also as one of the driving forces behind the accompanying, brilliant publication “Temporary Hoarding“ - a magazine that basically showcased the possibilities of modern graphic design. His images actually are the quintessential ingredient that bring Rubika Shah’s awarded doc “White Riot“ to life.

- SEAN PABLO... it’s been about six years since black nail polish-afficionado Sean Pablo Murphy first stepped out into the Supreme/FA spotlight via “Cherry”. He’s gotten even more lanky since 2014, since Nieratko described him as “too virgin-y” (amongst other things), since his first zines (“Teen Stabbing”) arrived, since PARADIS3 first appeared (originally as Palisades Paradise). Sean talked to us about his take on keeping things micro, inspiring, and relevant.

- FRANCESCA FACCIO... given the current climate of frontier law, falsehood and hysteria, it seems as if the idea of escapism is more popular than ever. In actuality though, it is and was always exactly the right moment to lose yourself in an alternate reality at any given point in life and history. And New York-based artist du jour Francesca Faccio is keeping a prominent spot for us to join hers via her heavily surreal oil paintings.

- MEAT DEPT... Los Angeles-based Meat Dept. might have entered the realm of public interest just recently with their completely bonkus video for Igorrr’s “Very Noise“, but in actuality they’re around for years already. What basically started out as a pet project of three long-time Parisian friends - brothers David and Laurent Nicolas and Kevin Van Der Meiren - that had one foot in advertising and the other in graffiti and street art (and law), slowly but steadily evolved into an award-winning production outfit with more than just a soft spot for the absurd.

- plus more elaborate features and visual awesomeness from the likes of: Planet Luke, Peel Dream Magazine, Vernon James Manlapaz, Luke Jenner, Lilkool, Chris Bolton, Yarrow Slaps, Hokkaido Snowboard Trip, Jesse Rieser, Tag Christof and many others.


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