Yoko ono

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Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König

With Yoko Ono’s PEACE IS POWER the Museum of Fine Arts Leipzig presented her most comprehensive exhibition in Germany so far in summer 2019. Together with her longtime friend and curator Jon Hendricks and the director of the museum Alfred Weidinger, she has selected the 71 works and series displayed. Even the exhibition catalogue carries Yoko Ono’s artistic signature. With his minimalist imagery the photographer Adrian Sauer, chosen by Yoko Ono personally, perfectly succeeds in depicting the works’ atmosphere within the unique architecture of the Leipzig museum. It was the artist’s explicit request to document her artworks within the spatial context of the exhibition. Yoko Ono’s Instructions prepend the 202 photographs that have all been captured under her diction. Yoko Ono has steadily monitored the emergence of this photo book and even shortly before printing she has made adjustments; it does carry her distinct signature.


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