turps banana (uk)

(malerei / illustration)



Prunella Clough by Scott McCracken
Matthew Lippiatt talks to Eric Fischl
Tracey Snelling talks to Jesse Wiedel
Danger and Emergency Paintings: Damien Hirst
Milan Kunc by Phil King
Korean Painting in London: Kyung Hwa Shon, Youjeong Kwon, Seungjo Jeong, Jinyong Park, In Keun Lee, Meeyoung Kim
Helen Frankenthaler by Katie Pratt
The Cake Paintings: John Bunker talks to Michael Stubbs
Charles Burchfield by Andrew Griffiths
Turps Banana in conversation with Nicholas Pace

    80 pgs, 27 × 21 cm, Softcover, 2022,



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