Pierre Descamps — Monuments


Jb. institute

Texts by Richard Leydier, Iain Borden and Pierre Descamps

Offset Printing
21 x 29,7 cm
144 Pages, 78 images
Edition of 500
ISBN 978-3-00-069477-6

Published by JB. Institute 2021

“Having started skateboarding in the late eighties, I cannot help seeing the city and its forms as an infinite playground – one eye constantly observing all the architectural forms. Steps cease to be steps, handrails cease to be handrails, sidewalks cease to be sidewalks. They all become abstract forms open to reinterpretation: they can be perceived as ready-made sculptures, or equally as an inventory of skateable forms.
In 2006, I spontaneously started taking photographs of architectural spaces that skaters could use. I soon realised that the most accomplished pictures recall specific codes of skateboarding photography. Their focus, lighting, and perspectives are arranged to magnify the space where the action is taking place.” Pierre Descamps


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