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#1 - winter 2022

Nobody is a new independent magazine based in Berlin that wants to tell stories that are not "cool" enough to end up in the mainstream press, which are capable of transporting, inspiring and thrilling.
The magazine was founded by two writers (and best friends) frustrated by the stories that can be found online, all similar, flat and oriented to clickbite, in an environment, that of the internet and the mainstream, which makes experimentation almost impossible and flattens creativity.

This magazine was conceived as a space where creatives, artists and ordinary people can step outside the rigid boundaries imposed by equally rigid algorithms, but also for readers who are looking for something authentic, vulnerable, playful and also beautiful and want to find it (for the more) offline.

The inaugural issue of Nobody magazine explores the difficult but certainly not indifferent theme of failure. Around this theme, images and texts, fiction and non-fiction, reportage, conversations and
confession (like the secret ones collected on instagram during the pandemic).
As well as illustrated essays, tortuous conversations and a 60-year-old collection
of letters, this issue includes glimpses of life during the pandemic, including a project crowdsourcing and a photographic diary. There are also stories of places and people who live there, from New Jersey to Istanbul.


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