modern matter (uk)

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#20 - Is Tomorrow Better?

This issue is an anthology, a think tank within an object. Each story, each spread page; all are free to intertwine and co-exist. The reader is a participant in their own right, invited to turn a kaleidoscope of ideas, stories and journeys in any way they see fit. It’s a puzzle with no ‘correct’ answer. Same ideas, different configuration. both the front and back cover are entrances into the magazine.

Contributions by Olu Michael Odukoya, Senta Simond, Jen Carey, Philippa Snow, Miho Miyachi, Sadie Coles, Alice Neale, Sam Rock, Anna-Sophie Berger, Martina Tiefenthaler, Felipe Baeza, Colin Dodgson, Barbara Kruger, Andres Edström.


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