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#142 - Retailtainment

In the age of experiential retail, more and more brands are branching out beyond their core offer. Many are integrating hospitality concepts such as cafés, restaurants, bars and even hotels, a sure-fire way to increase footfall and dwell time. Or is it? In the September/October issue of Frame, we break down the benefits – and trappings – of hospitality-infused retail, and explore how the union could be pushed further.

Reporting From
From the 17th International Architecture Exhibition in Venice, Leo Gullbring asks: Why all this talk and no action? Srishti Mehta considers the impact of Covid-19 on the Indian construction industry and its stakeholders.

Business of Design
Facebook, Google and Apple’s office re-opening plans. Why China’s hotels are becoming more homely. How apps like Deliveroo and JustEat are challenging room service and in-hotel restaurants. Why the high street needs to embrace our side hustles.

In Practice
Ivy Studio on counteracting Canada’s predominant palette. Wutopia Lab on enriching the ordinary through magic realism. Jins on redefining display design norms. EcoLogicStudio on learning from nature’s intricate systems.

Why hospitality interiors are plastered with positivity. Workplaces become about more than just work. Welcome to the restoration renaissance. How can interiors keep cool as temperatures climb? The underexploited potential of cashier less stores.

Frame Lab: Retail x Hospitality
The term ‘experiential retail’ has been thrown arounda lot over the past decade. And in the post-pandemic period, one strategy to achieve it has gained new relevance: hospitality-infused retail. Yes, hospitality suffered just as much as retail in 2020/21, but it’s arguably much more likely to bounce back quickly as people return to socializing, holidaying and wining and dining – outside of their homes, for a change.

To solidify themselves in the retailtainment category as e-commerce escalates, retailers are playing host, inviting customers to engage with them on a deeper level in physical spaces. We break down three approaches to hospitality-infused retail that differ greatly in dwell time, from the in-and-out encounter to lingering dining experiences to overnight stays.

The Challenge: Beyond commerce and coffee
In the lead up to each issue, we challenge emerging designers to respond to the Frame Lab theme with a forward-looking concept. Hospitality is high on the list for retailers looking to add a drawcard offer to their physical outlets and stay afloat in the increasingly digitally oriented shopping scene. But how can brands move beyond the familiar typologies to create truly surprising on-site experiences? We asked three creative practices to share their ideas.

Waste material and outdated stock reborn as new products, made-to-measure designs, surfacing innovations and more. Highlights from France’s Design Parade. Snøhetta and Saferock develop net-zero concrete.


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