Claudia gülzow, harry Hachmeister

art, books/catalogs, literature, mdbk, theory

Edizione multicolore

Edizione Multicolore e.V. is a platform for self-determined publishing and a space for equal & processual collaboration between artists and us. Every year we work with a new round of artists who realise individual publication projects with us.

Since 2021 we have a cooperation with Texte zum Nachdenken from Zürich.

Dana Lorenz and Fine Bielercurrently form the board. Edizione Multicolore is based in Leipzig, DE.

We are present at national & international Art Book Fairs.
You can find our publications in the following bookstores: a.p. Books, MZIN, Bloc Books, She Said, do you read me and Rotorbooks 


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